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Foundation Training
Whatever goals you have--from simply riding for pleasure to dressage, reining, trail, endurance, jumping, roping, or driving--your horse must have three basic qualities. He must be 1) emotionally stable in a variety of situations; 2) responsive to your cues; and 3) in good physical condition for the activity undertaken. Foundation training builds these three qualities in the horse by working with his emotions, his mind, and his body.

Horses in training with Meg go through a series of foundation exercises that teach the horse how to quiet himself when he is nervous, encourage him to focus on the trainer/rider, and shape how he carries himself. As training progresses, the horse becomes easier to control in a growing number of situations, more consistent in his responses, and physically supple and conditioned.

The key components of Meg's foundation training are:
Natural approach Natural approach
Classical method Classical method
Behavioral science Behavioral science principles
Persistence Persistence
Patience Patience

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