C.A.R.T. Before the Horse
Consulting And Reality Training Details

Understanding costs of horse ownership:
Horse ownership is a significant financial commitment. Meg will help you understand in detail the expenses you can incur once you have your own horse.

Deciding where to keep your horse:
Where and how you keep you horse represent the largest part of your financial investment, whether it be the monthly fee for boarding or developing your own property. Meg can assist you in evaluating stables for boarding or she can help you assess your own property for horse keeping.

If you want to develop your property to keep your horse, Meg can help you determine appropriate structures and fencing. She will then follow up with horse-keeping strategies covering everything from manure management and fly abatement to minimizing your horse's impact on the land.

Finding the right horse for you:
Searching for a horse on your own is risky if you are not experienced. Meg can evaluate a horse you are considering for purchase to determine whether his training and emotional level are a good fit for you.

Keeping you and your horse safe:
Your safety, your child's safety, and the health and well being of your new horse requires a basic understanding in a wide range of areas. Meg will educate you on the basics such as horse behavior and handling, feeding, grooming, vaccination and health issues, horse shoeing, and saddle fitting.

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